Baljer & Zembrod

Baljer and Zembrod was founded in 1951. Nowadays, the company is a leading international provider of innovative word working machines for the log yard in the sawmill as well as electric transferal technic for the recycling sector. Located in Altshausen, near Lake Constance, the medium-sized company currently employs 80 employees and produces electrically driven machines.

The company’s specific production techniques and more than 60 years of experience prove the excellent efficiency of the machines developed and manufactured by B&Z. Connected loads of 37kW already ensure a smooth operation of heavy-duty crane systems for decades. The most powerful crane systems can realize their maximum working capacity with 110kW units. During normal handling operations, they only need approximately 60 percent of their maximum power consumption.

About 15 years ago, B&Z decided to enter the new industry of “handling, scrap and recycling”. Stationary – semi-mobile – as well as rail-mounted heavy-duty crane systems, are part of Baljer and Zembrod’s product portfolio. Each crane is a specific construction, manufactured in Germany individually planned and adapted to the needs of the customer.