As a specialist for processing, environmental and packaging technology, Binder+Co is the world market leader in the screening technology and glass recycling sectors. For many decades now, the Austrian company has supplied individual systems and overall processing plants to the mining and recycling industries.

Binder+Co’s CLARTIY is the world market leading sorting system for recyclable fractions of any kind like waste glass, plastics, paper, WEEE, metals, RDF or MSW. The innovative sensor-based sorting system can be designed as 2 and 3 way or as a unique multi-way system.

In May, resented the latest innovation in its flip flow series for the classification of bulk materials with difficult to screen materials, the BIVITEC e+. In recycling the BIVITEC e+ is used for tasks like screening glass, presort shredder material, residual waste, plastics, waste electrical equipment and waste metal. The low operating costs and high flexibility make the BIVITEC e+ with its reduced dynamic forces interesting for any recyclers who have to deal with fluctuating input material properties like for screening packaging material, PET flakes, compost and waste wood.