Eggersmann Recyclingtechnology

The Eggersmann Group, based out of Marienfeld in East Westphalia/Germany, is an association of independent companies. Founded as a sole proprietorship in 1951, the group now encompasses companies from various industries. Along with its work in construction, plant manufacturing and property management, its service portfolio also includes the operation of composting facilities. The Eggersmann Group, family-run since it was founded, is nationally and internationally active and has overseas offices in Poland, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Iraq, US and Hong Kong. The group currently employs over 900 employees.

The Eggersmann Group is one of the leading plant and special machine suppliers for the waste management industry and possesses decades of experience in the field of mechanical and biological (aerobic and anaerobic) waste treatment methods and processes.

The dry fermentation plants of the company BEKON, which belongs to Eggersmann, enable the production of biogas from organic waste or biomass and at the same time provide the raw material for composting following in the process chain.

In addition to plant engineering, Eggersmann is an accomplished manufacturer of mobile and stationary special machines for waste management. Renowned brands such as BACKHUS, BRT HARTNER, CONVAERO, FORUS, Terra Select and TEUTON belong to Eggersmann as well and supply solutions for a wide range of process areas such as composting, opening, dosing, bunkering, drying, mixing, shredding, screening or sifting.