RecyclingMonitor GmbH & Co. KG

More transparency, efficiency, and sustainability: The smart software “RecyclingMonitor” is straightforward and intuitive and offers benefits for all employees in small and medium-sized waste management companies and container services.

The RecyclingMonitor allows a smooth and efficient organization, evaluation, and documentation of all flows of recyclable materials from the producer to the disposal company to the consumer. The RecyclingMonitor continuously develops all functions out of the practical experience and in cooperation with different specialized waste management companies. This focus on practical suitability and simplicity enables a quick start for drivers and administration within only 10 minutes – without a manual.

In addition to the ERP, the interdisciplinary team develops and implements further functions and modules that lead to radical simplifications and savings: With the mobile scale control via an app, your weighing master can take over other tasks. The automated container management eliminates manual activities for drivers and administration, while at the same time providing maximum transparency of your container stock on a live map. Disposal companies will remain successful if they network closely with their customers and offer additional value in terms of service. The customer portal can be connected directly to the RecyclingMonitor or other ERP solutions to simplify and accelerate communication. The team is also innovative when it comes to sustainability and is also interested in expanding network partnerships to improve the recycling economy through digitalization.