eREC: Virtual, convenient, good!

For the third time, eREC took place from October 4 to 9, 2021. With a total of 5,872 international visitor registrations, 27 exhibitors and partners, and 32 web conferences with 2,646 participants, the virtual expo for the recycling industry proved to be another big success. Thanks to all speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and our host for their commitment and support!

The presentations in both German and English on current industry topics demonstrated the far-reaching spectrum of the waste management, recycling, and environmental service industry. Once again, we were able to stick to the tight timetable of the supporting program, which proceeded without any problems during the whole week. Especially the subsequent Q&A sessions held together with speakers and visitors were an excellent opportunity to interact and communicate with each other. Participants particularly praised the networking potential for the industry that this format once again offered.

The Recycler’s Talk on ” End-of-waste: Time to Move Forward”, presented by Felix Bott, also gained a lot of positive feedback. We will summarize several of the presentations in the next issue of EU Recycling. You will find all webinars on our YouTube channel.

The raffle winners were drawn on the last day of the expo. “Wow, that’s great news – I’m very happy! I’ve just been dancing through the living room,” the winner of the main prize (1 Apple MacBook Air sponsor by AfB) was quoted.

The next eREC will take place from October 10-15, 2022. We want to make sure that the time until the next expo won’t be too long. That’s why we will surprise you with one or the other “in-between” event. Stay tuned!

Source: MSV GmbH

eREC 2021: The Virtual Space for the Recycling and Waste Management Industry

For the second time, eREC, the digital recycling expo and conference for circular economy and waste management, will finally start. From May 3 to 8, 2021, visitors can explore the virtual expo, get in touch with companies and organizations, and benefit from the broad framework program. Get a free ticket, and don’t miss the new digital experience!

In 2020, eREC proved to be an interactive get-together for visitors and a gathering place for companies from the national and international recycling, waste management, and environmental service industries.

Industry experts, organizations, distributors, and manufacturers came together and used the platform to keep up the vital dialogue with each other. After the first successful kick-off, the second edition of the virtual expo for the recycling industry will now follow. And the exhibitors are already looking forward to welcoming this year’s visitors. Among others, the following companies are already waiting for you: AMCS Group, Craemer, Doppstadt, Forrec, Komptech, Q-SOFT, Steinert, Westeria, and many more.

Of course, like last year, all participants can take part in a broad and hands-on program with webinars, discussions, and presentations focusing on current trends such as cybersecurity, circular economy in the field of e-commerce, digitalization in the recycling industry, sorting of commercial waste, waste collection, gaps and challenges in plastic recycling ecosystem or smart city waste collection.

And don’t miss this year’s raffle! Those taking part in the raffle have the chance to win fantastic prizes such as an Apple MacBook Air, a Samsung Galaxy S20, or a PlayStation 4. The products are sponsored by Back Market, one of the largest marketplaces for refurbished technology in Europe. Besides, 20 surprise goody bags will be sponsored by Komptech.

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eREC stands for an innovative concept, digital networking, interactive design, rich content, and an exceptional virtual experience. Therefore, be part of an exciting, new, digital event and register now.

Use the following link to sign up, after signing up you have free access to eREC’s program:

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rekom GmbH

EUREC – Recycling Software by rekom is a business management program for scrap dealers, container services, and waste management companies.

Around twenty years ago, rekom GmbH, a software development company, came up with the idea of EUREC, a standard product for the German-speaking recycling industry. EUREC is constantly being further improved and adapted to market requirements. It is possible to interlink the scales of all well-known manufacturers to the software. EUREC has a DATEV accounting interface. The waste register and the company journal are being automatically generated.

ESWET: Time to ensure sustainable waste shipments in Europe

ESWET welcomes the Commission’s initiative to carry out a revision of the Waste Shipment Regulation as a right step in the path of the European Green Deal. Proper waste management is a key aspect of the green transition.

Over the past decades, exports of waste to non-European countries have rose steadily, pushing the waste issue far away but failing to properly address it. Repeated abuses in international waste shipments have highlighted the need for Europe to take care of its waste under EU environmental standards.

For a pragmatic approach on the matter, ESWET releases today a policy briefing with a number of recommendations targeted at an efficient revision of the Waste Shipment Regulation.

  • Adopt a proximity approach to waste export, maintaining EFTA countries as a preferential partner.
  • Keep the Waste Shipment Regulation flexible enough to ensure the synergy of the waste hierarchy: every level has a role to play in the circular economy for the safe management of waste.
  • Further reduce the flow of waste shipped outside of the EU, as sound waste management is often uncertain in non-OECD countries.
  • Support the creation of a functioning market for secondary raw materials recovered by the recycling industry and Waste-to-Energy plants.

In order to make waste shipments out of Europe a thing of the past, Europe needs to further support internal and sustainable waste treatment practices. As waste generation is growing, the need in non-recyclable waste treatment capacity is expected to significantly increase.

It is thus crucial for the EU legislators to consider the role of waste-to-energy in the circular economy as a complementary tool to recycling. Otherwise non-recyclable waste would be left with no option for treatment but landfills.

The full policy briefing is available here:

Source: ESWET – European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology aisbl (Brussels, 30 July 2020, Photo: Rinson Chory/Unsplash)

ESWET – European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology

ESWET (European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology) is the European association representing manufacturers in the field of Waste-to-Energy Technology.

The purpose of ESWET is to raise awareness of the positive implications of the technology in terms of better waste management, energy and the environment and, thus, to foster the development and the dissemination of Waste-to-Energy technology at the European level.

Technology from ESWET members is the heart in most of the Waste-to-Energy plants in Europe, treating non-recyclable municipal solid waste. This technology is also used by most plants worldwide. 

GLOBAL RECYCLING – The Magazine for Business Opportunities & International Markets

The English-speaking GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine is dedicated to business opportunities in the recycling industry and informs the readership about the international recycling market.

Thus, the magazine focuses on editorial coverage from the areas of international waste management, circular economy, and recycling industry. Nevertheless, the magazine does not disregard other topics such as waste paper, plastics as well as scrap and metal recycling. Additionally, every issue presents recycling processes, methods, and machinery.

Another of the magazine’s aims is to give more people access to these topics. Therefore, we attach great importance to distributing our publication at numerous international fairs, congresses, and conferences.

Apart from the visitors of these fairs, the readership of GLOBAL RECYCLING is made up of business owners, heads of departments, consultants, public authorities, and municipalities. These readers especially appreciate the various topics, which are touched upon in every issue by us.

WFZruhr – Wirtschaftsförderungszentrum Ruhr für Entsorgungs- und Verwertungstechnik e.V.

WFZruhr – founded in 2005 and based in Lünen’s Technology Center – is a voluntary initiative for municipal and private companies of waste management, recycling and environmental economy in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The organization’s key concerns are high-level networking, preparation of research and development topics, and further education. Moreover, WFZruhr organizes specialist events on a regular basis, workshops, and exhibitions focusing on current topics of the entire recycling, environmental and logistics industry.

Currently, 120 member companies are part of WFZruhr; the members are leading companies in the technological field and represent the entire recycling industry:
• Gathering and collecting waste/residual materials,
• Sorting and preparation,
• Production of secondary raw materials and energy sources,
• Energetic and biological recycling,
• Industrial processing of recovered materials into base materials and products,
• Thermal disposal and final storage,
• Plant and equipment construction and
• Accompanying services (logistics, IT, qualification, consultancy, advisory, expert services, expert opinions).

WFZruhr informs about the latest trends when it comes to a circular economy, takes a stand and brings companies together.

VBS – Verband der Bayerischen Entsorgungsunternehmen e.V.

VBS – „Verband der Bayerischen Entsorgungsunternehmen” has been representing the medium-sized private waste disposal industry in Bavaria since its foundation in 1973. The association represents numerous member companies from all regions of Bavaria. VBS stands for environmentally friendly and public waste management and the sustainable conservation of valuable resources.

The experts from the board and different departments are regularly discussing current industry topics and try to promote innovative solutions.

The association cooperates closely with other organizations and federations and is an active member of BDE – “Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Rohstoffwirtschaft e. V.” and of vbw – “Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft”.

VBS is committed to

  • legal norms and lending criteria that guarantee a high level of technical, environmental and economic level
  • fair competition between all players in the industry and free competition within the EU borders
  • the uniform taxation of private and municipal companies
  • the integration of the waste disposal and raw materials industry into a market economy environment – as an independent economic sector

Furthermore, apart from functioning as a mouthpiece and stakeholder for their members, VBS is a service provider and offers in cooperation with BDE an enormous range of services.