Umweltcluster Bayern

“Umweltcluster Bayern” is organized as a supporting association “Umwelttechnologie-Cluster Bayern e.V.” with over 200 members. In close cooperation with politics, research, science and economy, “Umweltcluster Bayern” focuses on transfer, education, and strengthening of partnerships. Its main task comprises the networking of companies and research institutions. Therefore, “Umweltcluster Bayern” aims at strengthening and expanding the Bavarian industry as well as the mid tier.

Environmentally sound projects and working groups lay the foundation for active exchange and improve the members’ competitiveness, innovative capability, and internationalization. Waste avoidance, substitution due to bio-based alternatives and circular economy are necessary for climate protection. That is why various projects and networks of the “Umweltcluster Bayern” currently focus on this.

“Umweltcluster Bayern” has turned into the industry network of the Bavarian environmental industry since 2006. The cluster combines its members’ competencies and develops environmental technology solutions from these. The members come from different sectors with different core topics: waste and recycling, water and wastewater, air pollution control, alternative energy generation, resource efficiency, and material flow management, soil, and contaminated site remediation. All areas of focus represent the interdisciplinary environmental technology industry in Bavaria, both nationally and internationally.

“Umweltcluster Bayern” stimulates its network’s continuous growth to expand competencies and strengthen its role as a contact for politics, business, and local authorities regarding all future issues.