bifa Umweltinstitut GmbH

Based on extensive experience regarding technical, ecological and economic issues, we work on special tasks and analyze complex value chains. We support companies with our expertise and provide independent decision-making guidelines for associations and political actors at the municipal, state or federal level.

Our expertise: process engineering and material flows, biological process engineering and analytics, energy systems and energy technology, social sciences and environmental psychology, ecological balancing and systems analysis.

Our topics: Climate protection and climate impacts, sustainable electricity and heat supply, municipal waste and circular economy, pollutants, hygiene, risk management, sustainable production and services.

PreZero International GmbH & Co. KG

PreZero is one of the leading environmental service providers in Germany and Europe with more than 80 locations. There, our company offers waste disposal as well as sorting and processing of recyclable materials.

We are aiming at conserving resources and reducing the amount of waste that cannot be recycled to zero – PreZero, in other words. We are committed to a clean future in which efficient, closed material cycles protect our environment and create sustainable value. PreZero handles all processes for you quickly and easily: from ordering via our digital disposal platform to the installation of suitable containers to recycling in more than 30 processing, sorting, and recycling plants.