mimycri is a non-profit impact design ad-venture. We are a team of people with and without refugee backgrounds who stand for social integration and regenerative action.

Together with our partner ANKAA Project in Athens, we upcycle broken refugee rubber boats into high quality bags. We also offer collaborations with other companies and organizations, provide workshops about leadership & circular economy, and campaign for more human asylum and refugee policies. Our mission is to give new life to rejected material, to tell the story of the people who cross the Mediterranean Sea in search for a better life, and to generate new opportunities together.



The proper disposal and recycling of plastics is a global challenge.

At BASF, we are doing our part by working on innovative solutions for mechanical, organic, and chemical recycling to make sure more plastics will find another life.

Join our live webinar to discover how we are driving circularity in plastics and are innovating with our partners to develop complementary end-of-life solutions for plastics. Together, we minimize waste and the use of natural resources across the lifecycle of products.


bvse-Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V.

The bvse-Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V. (bvse) represents around 980 medium-sized companies from the secondary raw materials, recycling and waste management industry.

That makes the bvse the industry association with the most members in Germany and Europe. Our member companies help to create a sustainable future. They ensure that industry, trade and commerce are provided with (secondary) raw materials, thereby conserving natural resources. Through their work, they contribute significantly to energy conservation, energy generation and climate protection.


AfB social & green IT

The IT refurbisher AfB gGmbH has specialized in certified data deletion, refurbishment and remarketing of used IT hardware.

By returning notebooks, smartphones and other devices to the business cycle, AfB makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and climate. At the same time, the social enterprise focuses on inclusion: around 45% of the 500 employees are people with disabilities.

AfB won the German Sustainability Prize 2021 for its socio-ecological IT concept. With 21 locations across Europe, AfB is Europe’s largest non-profit IT company.


italPLAST Group

italPLAST is a Romanian company, specialized in plastic processing – recycling waste and processing it into high quality LDPE granules (low density polyethylene) using the best technology in the field.

We transform waste into a raw material, about 500 tons per month, of the highest quality with properties similar to virgin granules. We support packaging manufacturers through our offer of the best quality granules, through efficiency and flexibility. Together we make a constant concern for the environment. We build partnerships in which the client is the one who matters, together we save and reinvest in the environment. We recycle because we support the environment, we are fighting for a healthier environment, a cleaner world.

And we believe that the waste prevention is the most effective way to improve the efficient use of resources. Join us!



PROLOGA is an IT company with more than 20 years of experience in the development, implementation and operation of industry solutions.

Our experience in the special areas of the utilities and waste and recycling industry is our advantage in the development of practically oriented, high-performance solutions in a complicated industrial sphere. Based on comprehensive industry know-how, projects are carriet out appropriately within budget and in time. With this expertise we are, in addition, developing and cooperation partner of SAP. Our customers include public institutions as well as mdium-sized enterprises and multi-national corporations. PROLOGA is also operating successfully at the international level, support projects in the US, Brazil, Norway, Austria, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands, etc.