IST-Studieninstitut & IST-Hochschule für Management

According to the idea of “education that has an impact”, the IST-Studieninstitut has been offering extra-occupational further education in the form of state-approved correspondence courses for more than 30 years.

Students can choose from different professional qualifications for positions in the following sectors: sport, fitness, health, tourism and the hotel industry or events, media, communication and business. In combination with the degrees, the Institut also offers certificates such as “Resilience Training” and “Digital Marketing Manager”, various IST diplomas, e.g. ” Health Business Administrator”, as well as public IHK degrees, e.g. “Company Health Management” and “Certified Business Administrator”.

Besides, it is possible to obtain officially approved academic degrees such as “Business Administration (B.A.)” and “Business Transformation Management (M.A.)” from the state-recognized IST University of Management. The Bachelor’s and Master’s correspondence courses combine high academic quality with great flexibility and a strong practical orientation. Additionally, the Insitute offers further training such as “Human Resource Management”, “Digitalisation Management” and “Business Psychology”.

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