WFZruhr – Wirtschaftsförderungszentrum Ruhr für Entsorgungs- und Verwertungstechnik e.V.

WFZruhr – founded in 2005 and based in Lünen’s Technology Center – is a voluntary initiative for municipal and private companies of waste management, recycling and environmental economy in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The organization’s key concerns are high-level networking, preparation of research and development topics, and further education. Moreover, WFZruhr organizes specialist events on a regular basis, workshops, and exhibitions focusing on current topics of the entire recycling, environmental and logistics industry.

Currently, 120 member companies are part of WFZruhr; the members are leading companies in the technological field and represent the entire recycling industry:
• Gathering and collecting waste/residual materials,
• Sorting and preparation,
• Production of secondary raw materials and energy sources,
• Energetic and biological recycling,
• Industrial processing of recovered materials into base materials and products,
• Thermal disposal and final storage,
• Plant and equipment construction and
• Accompanying services (logistics, IT, qualification, consultancy, advisory, expert services, expert opinions).

WFZruhr informs about the latest trends when it comes to a circular economy, takes a stand and brings companies together.