Resourcify GmbH

Resourcify is on a mission to enable a zero-waste future.

Through the digitisation of daily operations, our recycling platform enables all businesses to manage, track and improve their recycling while having less administration, and saving up to 30% of the costs compared to conventional waste management. Thousands of leading companies – including Hornbach Baumarkt AG, Syntegon Packaging Technology and UK Bonn – use our award-winning recycling platform daily and rely on our approach to sustainability as a best practice to improve their recycling processes and reduce waste.

INGEDE – Research for Paper Recycling

As an association of leading European paper manufacturers, the International Research Association for Deinking Technology (INGEDE) was founded in 1989.

INGEDE’s mission is to foster light-colored waste paper recycling (newspapers and magazines) into new graphic paper and sanitary paper and improve the framework conditions for the increased use of waste paper. Still, the mixed waste paper collected in the Blue Bin has to be sorted into separately recyclable types to keep the white fibers in the cycle. White packaging is a potential raw material for new, light-colored papers.

DGAW – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Abfallwirtschaft e.V.

Platform for product stewardship and conservation of resources. DGAW-Guidelines: RETHINK.RESSOURCES.

DGAW has more than 450 members who are decision-makers from waste and resource management, industry and commerce, plant and mechanical engineering, engineering, science, public administration, politics, and advocacy.

DGAW offers industry-independent, fact-based information, discussions, and statements that often go far beyond dealing only with waste and recycling issues.

In the sector, DGAW has long been regarded as an independent partner for industry and politics. Its strength lies in the factual consensual formation of opinions. The association does not fight for individual interests but works responsibly for the future of this industry.

DGAW offers a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation with an active dialogue and exchange of experiences.

Komptech GmbH

Komptech as a Company
Partners for Biodegradable and Mixed Waste
Komptech is a leading technology and expertise partner for mechanical and biological waste recycling and woody biomass processing. We cover all essential steps required for modern waste treatment thanks to more than 50 machines for shredding, separating, and biological treatment.

Komptech as Employer
Because Opportunity Needs Talent
At Komptech, we are constantly working together to find possible solutions for a more sustainable future. We are always looking for innovative, eager, and talented individuals passionate about using technology to contribute to a greener environment. Perhaps our future journey might start right here:


AMCS Group – Software for the Waste and Recycling Industry.

Creators of the AMCS platform: an enterprise grade cloud and software platform that is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of waste & recycling companies across the globe. Our platform is inspired by global market trends, driving automation and delivering end-to-end standardisation and optimisation of all your business processes.


ESWET – European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology

ESWET (European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology) is the European association representing manufacturers in the field of Waste-to-Energy Technology.

The purpose of ESWET is to raise awareness of the positive implications of the technology in terms of better waste management, energy and the environment and, thus, to foster the development and the dissemination of Waste-to-Energy technology at the European level.

Technology from ESWET members is the heart in most of the Waste-to-Energy plants in Europe, treating non-recyclable municipal solid waste. This technology is also used by most plants worldwide. 

NESTRO Lufttechnik

Founded in 1977, NESTRO® Lufttechnik GmbH is currently one of the large established manufacturers of products and systems for extraction and filter technology and for their downstream heating technology, for surface engineering and for sorting and disposal technology.

About 260 employees develop and produce the equipment according to individual customer specifications at the three production sites in Germany, Poland and Hungary.

GLOBAL RECYCLING – The Magazine for Business Opportunities & International Markets

The English-speaking GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine is dedicated to business opportunities in the recycling industry and informs the readership about the international recycling market.

Thus, the magazine focuses on editorial coverage from the areas of international waste management, circular economy, and recycling industry. Nevertheless, the magazine does not disregard other topics such as waste paper, plastics as well as scrap and metal recycling. Additionally, every issue presents recycling processes, methods, and machinery.

Another of the magazine’s aims is to give more people access to these topics. Therefore, we attach great importance to distributing our publication at numerous international fairs, congresses, and conferences.

Apart from the visitors of these fairs, the readership of GLOBAL RECYCLING is made up of business owners, heads of departments, consultants, public authorities, and municipalities. These readers especially appreciate the various topics, which are touched upon in every issue by us.

WFZruhr – Wirtschaftsförderungszentrum Ruhr für Entsorgungs- und Verwertungstechnik e.V.

WFZruhr – founded in 2005 and based in Lünen’s Technology Center – is a voluntary initiative for municipal and private companies of waste management, recycling and environmental economy in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The organization’s key concerns are high-level networking, preparation of research and development topics, and further education. Moreover, WFZruhr organizes specialist events on a regular basis, workshops, and exhibitions focusing on current topics of the entire recycling, environmental and logistics industry.

Currently, 120 member companies are part of WFZruhr; the members are leading companies in the technological field and represent the entire recycling industry:
• Gathering and collecting waste/residual materials,
• Sorting and preparation,
• Production of secondary raw materials and energy sources,
• Energetic and biological recycling,
• Industrial processing of recovered materials into base materials and products,
• Thermal disposal and final storage,
• Plant and equipment construction and
• Accompanying services (logistics, IT, qualification, consultancy, advisory, expert services, expert opinions).

WFZruhr informs about the latest trends when it comes to a circular economy, takes a stand and brings companies together.

BDSV – Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Stahlrecycling- und Entsorgungsunternehmen e.V.

The Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Stahlrecycling- und Entsorgungsunternehmen e. V. (BDSV) represents the interests of German companies and companies operating in Germany active in the fields of steel recycling and other disposal services.

With over 650 members, companies BDSV is the largest steel recycling association in Europe.

The association’s objectives focus on the economic and ecological framework conditions of the recycling industry. BDSV stands for the preservation of the environment and the conservation of raw material reserves. However, ecological goals have to be integrated into an economically realistic and competitive environment.

President: Andreas Schwenter | Managing Director: Thomas Junker