WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH

More than 35,000 machines sold worldwide! WEIMA has been manufacturing robust shredders and briquetting presses for the disposal and processing of all types of waste for more than four decades. Our machines include single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, cutting mills and briquette presses. The popular blood orange machines are used in the wood, plastics, paper, metal and waste-to-energy industries.

Made in Germany. Built for the world.

Shredders and briquette presses from WEIMA are exclusively made in Germany and come from production plants in Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-Württemberg. Every year, more than 300 employees work on around 1,200 customer solutions from around the globe. We have long-standing sales and service locations in the USA, Poland, India and China. More than 80 representatives supplement this global presence.


plastship GmbH

plasthip is a subsidiary of RIGK GmbH, a German recycling scheme operator with more than 25 years of experience in plastics recycling, offering digital services to make plastics more circular.

The company is providing a service network to increase plastics recyclate uptake and to foster European circular economy. It addresses three major challenges: To simplify procurement with fitting plastics recyclate qualities by use of a digital platform, to assess and to optimize the recyclability of products and packaging, and to create individual recycling concepts involving the recycling services of the network. By combining digital approaches with a maximum of service orientation, plastship is a project partner for business customers, helping to structure, to perform, and to communicate activities regarding plastics recycling and the use of plastics recyclates.


Eggersmann Recyclingtechnology

The Eggersmann Group, based out of Marienfeld in East Westphalia/Germany, is an association of independent companies. Founded as a sole proprietorship in 1951, the group now encompasses companies from various industries. Along with its work in construction, plant manufacturing and property management, its service portfolio also includes the operation of composting facilities. The Eggersmann Group, family-run since it was founded, is nationally and internationally active and has overseas offices in Poland, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Iraq, US and Hong Kong. The group currently employs over 900 employees.

The Eggersmann Group is one of the leading plant and special machine suppliers for the waste management industry and possesses decades of experience in the field of mechanical and biological (aerobic and anaerobic) waste treatment methods and processes.

The dry fermentation plants of the company BEKON, which belongs to Eggersmann, enable the production of biogas from organic waste or biomass and at the same time provide the raw material for composting following in the process chain.

In addition to plant engineering, Eggersmann is an accomplished manufacturer of mobile and stationary special machines for waste management. Renowned brands such as BACKHUS, BRT HARTNER, CONVAERO, FORUS, Terra Select and TEUTON belong to Eggersmann as well and supply solutions for a wide range of process areas such as composting, opening, dosing, bunkering, drying, mixing, shredding, screening or sifting.


RecyclingMonitor GmbH & Co. KG

More transparency, efficiency, and sustainability: The smart software “RecyclingMonitor” is straightforward and intuitive and offers benefits for all employees in small and medium-sized waste management companies and container services.

The RecyclingMonitor allows a smooth and efficient organization, evaluation, and documentation of all flows of recyclable materials from the producer to the disposal company to the consumer. The RecyclingMonitor continuously develops all functions out of the practical experience and in cooperation with different specialized waste management companies. This focus on practical suitability and simplicity enables a quick start for drivers and administration within only 10 minutes – without a manual.

In addition to the ERP, the interdisciplinary team develops and implements further functions and modules that lead to radical simplifications and savings: With the mobile scale control via an app, your weighing master can take over other tasks. The automated container management eliminates manual activities for drivers and administration, while at the same time providing maximum transparency of your container stock on a live map. Disposal companies will remain successful if they network closely with their customers and offer additional value in terms of service. The customer portal can be connected directly to the RecyclingMonitor or other ERP solutions to simplify and accelerate communication. The team is also innovative when it comes to sustainability and is also interested in expanding network partnerships to improve the recycling economy through digitalization.


Kooi Security Deutschland GmbH

We’ll stand guard so that you can relax.

Working on your future should never occur at the expense of safety and a good night’s sleep.

We believe everyone deserves a peaceful and undisturbed night’s sleep. Including you! So we can use temporary, mobile and innovative camera surveillance and heat detection to monitor and identify threats on your behalf. Hence preventing theft and/or damage on your construction site or premises.


Heinz DEMSKI Recycling Agentur GmbH

Demski Recycling – The Solution for Your Empty Inks and Toners

We provide you with the optimal overall offer from a single source. Demski Recycling’s take-back system is the ideal solution for everyone, from private users to large-scale consumers. Empty inks and toners are not rubbish, but a valuable product, as they can be reused to a large extent.

You can contribute to the environment and collect your empty printer consumables. For this purpose, we provide you with our collection containers free of charge. Furthermore, we take care of the transport and the supply for reuse.

Just contact us, and we will find the right solution for you!




BADALA presents a solution for producers and retailers on how to apply a circular economy and how it can be easily integrated into a company.

Since 2017 environmentally friendly stickers from BADALA (Panjabi word for “transform”) transform necessary product packaging of different sizes into sustainable toys. Thus, on the one hand, cartons get a second life in line with the Circular Economy, and, on the other hand, the next generation’s resource-saving handling, creativity, and intelligence are fostered.

Our team will be happy to accompany you in the next steps, individually adjusted to your products and your target group to implement the novel approach as efficiently and promptly as possible.


Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG

For decades, the name Villiger has been synonymous with sophisticated and practical, high-quality solutions in the waste management industry. Entrepreneurship, a pioneering spirit and the joy of innovation characterize the present and future of the Villiger Group.

Villiger is one of the leading companies in waste management systems, spanning development to production and service. At its Swiss headquarters in Oberrüti, the company employs over 90 motivated professionals, plus over 110 employees at our partner company.

Villiger is the only industry player that offers you all around solutions from a single source. The product range extends from conventional
underground, semi-underground and aboveground containers and lift systems to the fully automated Speed-Waste-Lifter, which comprises a pickup device and mobile cleaning systems. Competent consulting, prompt service, expert repairing and a large spare parts warehouse complete the offering.

Our passion for modern waste management systems means embracing continuous advancement and always challenging the status quo. We place a very high value on research and development and are always looking for new, more efficient solutions in-line with our customers’ needs to save disposal costs and reduce CO2 emissions.


FORREC srl Recycling Systems

FORREC designs and manufactures complete technologies for the treatment of any kind of municipal solid waste and industrial waste.

FORREC also develops customized turn-key installations, perfect solutions to reduce the managing costs to the minimum. In FORREC catalogue there are 28 models of industrial shredders for volumetric reduction, hammers mills, for the treatment of metal scraps and granulators, 20 models, used for the refining. The production of the industrial grinding machines (15 models) is also an important part of FORREC production. FORREC has a significant experience in the designing, construction and management of specific installations for: refrigerators, tyres, for the production of residual derived fuel, for the treatment of waste electric and electronic equipment, wires and aluminum scraps.

FORREC also offers a complete post-sales service cared with professionalism and short time table, goods on stock and programmed maintenance, minimum machines stop and intervention on site.



LINETECHNOLOGY GmbH is the system provider in the field of residual and composite material processing.

We develop a dynamically reconfigurable preparation system in a modular design called BLUELINE. The arrangement of the container-based preparation aggregates (modules) is individually adapted to the required preparation process. In doing so, we draw on an extensive product range covering almost all established process steps of dry mechanical-physical residue treatment – all from one source and geared to each other.

Plant and machine parameters of established treatment processes are stored in the personal recipe book and can be accessed at any time.