Heinz DEMSKI Recycling Agentur GmbH

Demski Recycling – The Solution for Your Empty Inks and Toners

We provide you with the optimal overall offer from a single source. Demski Recycling’s take-back system is the ideal solution for everyone, from private users to large-scale consumers. Empty inks and toners are not rubbish, but a valuable product, as they can be reused to a large extent.

You can contribute to the environment and collect your empty printer consumables. For this purpose, we provide you with our collection containers free of charge. Furthermore, we take care of the transport and the supply for reuse.

Just contact us, and we will find the right solution for you!




BADALA presents a solution for producers and retailers on how to apply a circular economy and how it can be easily integrated into a company.

Since 2017 environmentally friendly stickers from BADALA (Panjabi word for “transform”) transform necessary product packaging of different sizes into sustainable toys. Thus, on the one hand, cartons get a second life in line with the Circular Economy, and, on the other hand, the next generation’s resource-saving handling, creativity, and intelligence are fostered.

Our team will be happy to accompany you in the next steps, individually adjusted to your products and your target group to implement the novel approach as efficiently and promptly as possible.


Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG

For decades, the name Villiger has been synonymous with sophisticated and practical, high-quality solutions in the waste management industry. Entrepreneurship, a pioneering spirit and the joy of innovation characterize the present and future of the Villiger Group.

Villiger is one of the leading companies in waste management systems, spanning development to production and service. At its Swiss headquarters in Oberrüti, the company employs over 90 motivated professionals, plus over 110 employees at our partner company.

Villiger is the only industry player that offers you all around solutions from a single source. The product range extends from conventional
underground, semi-underground and aboveground containers and lift systems to the fully automated Speed-Waste-Lifter, which comprises a pickup device and mobile cleaning systems. Competent consulting, prompt service, expert repairing and a large spare parts warehouse complete the offering.

Our passion for modern waste management systems means embracing continuous advancement and always challenging the status quo. We place a very high value on research and development and are always looking for new, more efficient solutions in-line with our customers’ needs to save disposal costs and reduce CO2 emissions.


FORREC srl Recycling Systems

FORREC designs and manufactures complete technologies for the treatment of any kind of municipal solid waste and industrial waste.

FORREC also develops customized turn-key installations, perfect solutions to reduce the managing costs to the minimum. In FORREC catalogue there are 28 models of industrial shredders for volumetric reduction, hammers mills, for the treatment of metal scraps and granulators, 20 models, used for the refining. The production of the industrial grinding machines (15 models) is also an important part of FORREC production. FORREC has a significant experience in the designing, construction and management of specific installations for: refrigerators, tyres, for the production of residual derived fuel, for the treatment of waste electric and electronic equipment, wires and aluminum scraps.

FORREC also offers a complete post-sales service cared with professionalism and short time table, goods on stock and programmed maintenance, minimum machines stop and intervention on site.



LINETECHNOLOGY GmbH is the system provider in the field of residual and composite material processing.

We develop a dynamically reconfigurable preparation system in a modular design called BLUELINE. The arrangement of the container-based preparation aggregates (modules) is individually adapted to the required preparation process. In doing so, we draw on an extensive product range covering almost all established process steps of dry mechanical-physical residue treatment – all from one source and geared to each other.

Plant and machine parameters of established treatment processes are stored in the personal recipe book and can be accessed at any time.


Matthiessen Lagertechnik GmbH

Matthiessen machines for the processing of recyclable materials.

Matthiessen Lagertechnik, as an independent company of the Butzkies Stahlbau Group, has been producing machines for recycling and storage technology north of Hamburg for over 25 years.

According to the motto: good at the beginning – good at the end, our machines are at the beginning of a recycling sorting plant and feed the different feed products (household waste, yellow bagged goods, etc.) obtained from torn open and emptied waste bags to the subsequent processing steps in a constantly loosened up manner.

The Matthiessen Bag Opener product range with its specially developed ripping combs offers a solution for optimum ripping and emptying performance at highest throughput rates for a wide variety of applications. The latest bale breaker from Matthiessen (for PET, mixed plastics, paper, etc.) can even “crack” and break up wired bales. Matthiessen metering and dosing bunkers of various sizes with or without metering drums can also be supplied, depending on the system concept and space available. Depending on the customer’s requirements, these are equipped with chain conveyor or moving floor.

Last but not least, our oversize remover drum allows you to pull out oversized foils from the material flow before a screening drum.


U-Tech Gesellschaft für Maschinensicherheit mbH

Safety at Work – Made in Germany

U-Tech Gesellschaft für Maschinensicherheit mbH is a leading international supplier of work safety systems. The company supports companies in closing safety gaps on machines so that the maximum safety of all employees can be guaranteed. To prevent accidents at work, U-Tech provides its customers with personal protection systems, collision warning systems, and other special applications. The IFA-certified U-Tech personal protection system has been designed especially for use on conveyor belts and presses and has become an industry standard. The company’s customers are, among others, from the recycling, chemical, and industrial sectors. U-Tech focuses on Vision Zero, which aims at preventing fatal accidents at work in particular.


cirplus GmbH

cirplus is building the global marketplace for recyclates and plastic waste feedstock.

Our team and technical partners have extensive experience in the manufacturing & recycling of thermoplastics. We know from first hand what it takes to build digital platforms and bring them to scale. We are 100% independent and guard strict neutrality in our work. Efficiency, reliability in procurement, global reach, and standard-setting are just a few of the features that cirplus provides.


URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH

URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH was founded in 1995 by the owners and managing directors Peter Heßler and Thomas Gundersdorf.

The business field of URT includes the engineering, sales and service of recycling plants for electrical and electronic scrap (WEEE). The European regulation WEEE (Waste of Electric and Electronical Equipment) forms the basis and guideline for these plants.

URT is an expert in the following fields of plant engineering:
• Refrigerator recycling
• SDA- and IT- recycling
• Big domestic appliances recycling
• Printed circuit board recycling
• Toner cartridge recycling
• LCD recycling
• CRT recycling
• Sorting of WEEE plastics

We offer our customers the necessary technology for the recycling of electrical and electronic scrap in accordance with the latest state of the art and current regulations. URT plants are designed to remove pollutants and generate valuable materials. Through our collaboration on current standards and guidelines, as well as our research in the field of plant technology, we are constantly developing our recycling plants further.

URT has reference plants on the following continents:
• Europe
• South America
• North America
• Asia
• Africa
with permanent representatives in Turkey, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Africa, Brazil, North America and Asia.


ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH

ATM stands for Arnold Technology for Metal recycling, based on more than 80 years of experience. The company develops, plans, manufactures, and services metal recycling systems for the treatment of secondary raw materials.

The basis of ATM’s integrated solutions is the company’s market-leading engineering knowledge, the in-house-production of recycling machines, and the worldwide spare parts and service support. The company manufactures, among other things, briquetting and packaging presses, scrap shears, shredders, and sorting plants, which are suitable for a wide range of applications. These features make the company a sought-after partner for the recycling, automotive, and process industries. The company also offers innovative solutions in the field of digitalization and Industry 4.0. With the help of an app, machine data can be easily read off via smartphone, and processes can be optimized accordingly. In terms of predictive maintenance, machines can also be serviced with foresight and at a low cost. Depending on customer requirements, different digital service packages are available.